McCalls 5548 from 1980

McCalls 5548 from 1980

Daughter wearing dress recently made from an old pattern I used for myself when she was about 5 years old.

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2 Responses to McCalls 5548 from 1980

  1. Taryn says:

    My mother is always saying how she’s been kicking herself for the past decade for getting rid of away all of her clothing she wore in her late 20s thru late 30s – we’re the same size and frame and she swears everything I drool over in terms of fashion is just a total rehash of her wardrobe when she was my age – we’re almost precisely 30 years apart. Did she ever hate what I wore in the 90’s into the first few years of the new century – oversized flannel shirts, guy’s secondhand Levis, unwashed hair dryer with koolaid and raccoon eyes. If she was lucky, she could get me into a baby doll dress… which HAD TO be accessorized with knee high steel toed boots and layers of ripped fishnet stockings. Not so feminine – but Grunge was a liberating thing for me – I came of age all I did to look “hot” was to roll out of bed and apply more eyeliner! So when I started to dress more traditionally feminine – now I rarely even wear jeans! – she was so happy. Until she saw that she was literally re-buying her glorious groovy wardrobe – but for more money and a fraction of the quality! I love what you make – I have been ogling and lusting after your creations on PR, and these pictures of your daughter looking amazing in her beautiful retro modern clothing must make you so happy – and her girlfriends green with envy! Your posts brought back some fun memories… Now, I sew a skirt or dress and show it to my mom, and before I get a chance to wear it, she’s finagled her way into my closet, swipes it and wears it like she commissioned it herself – even to work! Which I might whine about – but really it’s the greatest compliment ever. Sorry for babbling – it’s just great to see you and your daughter sharing such a cool bond. And you have an amazing eye for fabric combinations – it’s ridiculously inspiring! Thanks so much for all your great reviews and for instigating a wonderful memory rush of great moments with my mother!

    • kbcrane says:

      Thanks for your great comments! I have always enjoyed sewing for my daughter and feel blessed that she is still willing to wear my creations!

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